Dwelling by the dikes

Far from the madding crowd there lays acres of land called Sunderbans, chattering with river Matla, Bidyadhori, Gomor etc. A dense mangrove forest with a fantasy and frolicking monkeys, deer and sovereign Royal Bengal Tiger. I took several years to traverse 120 km only. Finally it was 2013. The colonial rulers are then India with the help of their ‘gomosta’ uphold a dream Land of promise to the poor uneducated and landless natives of Midnapore, Chotonagpur plateau and migrated them. The simpletons made the Sunderbans habitable keeping on fighting with the crocodiles, tigers and the canines and by clearing the dense jungles. They have to yield to the avarice of the haves and remain have-not s till date. The smiling faces develop wrinkle but still they are not settled. Life is insecure in every footstep. Gradually the Delta is rising as an outcome of depositing silt due to sea water rising as a result of global warming. So the natives here are losing their home, cultivable land again, they are forced to migrate for jobs in nearby cities and other states, leaving behind families. Around 400 sq.km of Indian Sunderbans have been wiped off by the tidal wave in the last 100 years. Now the environmentalists are worrying of regular submerging. To them around 25 sq.Km will be extinct by 2025. The result will be dreadful – environmental refugees. Still people are living here, toiling everyday with rising water and adverse nature. This everyday story of hope, struggle, and joie-de-vivre attracts me to document.
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