The story, as depicted in the series of clicks I have amassed over a period, begins with an accident which left me bedridden with a grievous injury to my right leg. The idea, born out of a desperation to return to my active lifestyle as soon as possible, blossomed into being with the continuous observation of my injury and its subsequent slow healing process.
With the passage of time- the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, and into the future- the direction of my thoughts has changed and brought about a fresh perspective. Human legs have come to personify strength- the subtle nuances of that characterisation have been what I have attempted to portray in this series.
Pillars, symbolised by legs in this collection, have classical annotations which can trace its origins to centuries ago. Mythology, architecture, branches of the fine and liberal arts- all these disciplines and more attribute the characteristics of stability and strength to the same. Human legs, constituting a significant portion of a person’s mass, function as a locomotory organs and an evolutionary mechanism as a both defensive and offensive measure. Thus, they have come to signify this immense strength for me- in both states of static and motion.
I have strived to illustrate the various connotations of legs, and pillars, in the most mundane of sights. Where they may have been part of a bridge, the object of worship, held a mythological reference, been an inane little detail, used as an ornamentation or even simply portrayed the grace and beauty of an individual- this series of photographs have been captured with an intent to demonstrate the dynamic undertones associated with something we often take for granted- our legs..

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