Vangamela – Reduce-reuse-recycle


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

These are seemingly the most sought after words across the globe at the moment to check the carbon footprint. While for centuries a small non descriptive village in the south of West Bengal , a fair named ‘Vangamela” is being organized on the very basis of ‘Reuse & Recycle’. According to local saying , this fair was started way back in the sixteenth century to commemorate “Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu”, who took a night halt here on his famous visit to Puri, Odissa and as the next day was auspicious Makara Sankranti , he took a bath in Adiganga river here .

People around the place and from distance come to visit this fair and purchase old , discarded household products and other items in all forms & to use it again in their daily life. The finest example of reuse and recycle I suppose .Scrap dealers from throughout West Bengal comes here to sell their products. People find here anything starting from old television sets, refrigerators, computers to shoes, mobile phones and what not.One can find anything of their daily household needs from here at a throwaway price.

It is the only of its kind fair in India , organised on the basis of REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE for

centuries while the world has just awaken to the need of recycling a few decades ago .

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